Koch Membrane Systems Evaluates Emerging Markets for Membrane Technology

Explores growing trend toward routine use of membrane systems

Koch Membrane Systems is evaluating emerging markets for membrane technology and the growing trend toward the routine use of membrane systems throughout these industries.

Membranes are now widely accepted as an integral part of water recovery and recycling as industries strive to comply with increasingly stringent regulations to reduce or reuse wastewaters. Membranes are being substituted for chemical treatment of wastewaters to reduce chemical, analytical and labor costs, as well as to produce cleaner and more consistent effluent for discharge or reuse schemes.

For in-process applications, new uses for membrane systems to update, enhance or replace conventional processes are constantly emerging. The chemical industry demonstrates many examples of how membrane technology is rapidly replacing conventional methods to concentrate and recover materials from process streams. Membrane filtration technology is also being adopted in biochemical production and integrated biorefineries to lower overall energy costs, reduce waste and increase valuable product recovery.


Koch Membrane Systems

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