Mar 05, 2013

Membrane Bioreactor vs. Conventional Activated Sludge: A Capital and Operating Cost Evaluation

Time: March 19, 2013 11am - 12pm Eastern

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Webinar Overview:
Recent advances in membrane technology, novel strategies to reduce operating costs, and economies of scale in membrane production have made membrane bioreactor (MBR) processes cost-competitive with conventional activated sludge (CAS) technology, especially for situations which require lower effluent nutrient limits or water reuse. As a result, it is becoming more common for utilities to compare the costs and benefits of MBR and CAS technologies when planning new facilities.

This webinar will present the results of an Excel-based lifecycle cost model that compares the capital and operating costs of equivalent-size greenfield wastewater treatment facilities with MBR and CAS processes for various different treatment scenarios. The model also can be used to easily compare the 20-year Present Worth cost impacts of changing input variables such as the cost of concrete, labor, land, chemicals, electricity, and membrane replacement. The model results indicate the costs associated with each treatment process and can be used to indicate which system is most cost-effective for each scenario.

Thor Young
Principal Manager
Thor Young is a Principal Manager for GHD in their Bowie, Maryland office. He has been with GHD and its predecessor, Stearns & Wheler, since 1990 and is a registered professional engineer in several states. Thor is a Board Certified Environmental Engineer and currently serves as GHD's Service Line Leader for Wastewater Treatment & Recycling. Thor’s areas of expertise include advanced wastewater treatment and enhanced nutrient removal technology.
Jeff Peeters
MBR Product Manager
Jeff Peeters is a Professional Engineer with experience in process development, system design, project management and system commissioning in the waste management field focused on solving municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment problems. Jeff has worked for GE Water & Process Technologies (formerly ZENON Environmental) for 14 years in a variety of functions. His current position is MBR Product Manager, for which he is responsible for GE’s ZeeWeed MBR technology.


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