Melbourne's Water Supply Threatener Out on Bail

A man who threatened to poison Melbourne's water supply claims he never meant to hurt anyone.

Cezary Konarzewski, known as Robert, told police he didn't think his threat to taint three reservoirs with cyanide would be taken seriously. Konarzewski, 43, told police in an interview on February 14 he never meant to poison any water.

"I never meant to hurt anybody. My idea was only to hurt myself."

Police allege Konarzewski called himself Mr. Water in an e-mailed threat to the national security website on January 22.

He is accused of threatening to explode canisters of cyanide in Melbourne's water unless certain stock prices were made to rise.

Konarzewski, who has a young son, told police he didn't mean his threat to be made public. He said he wanted to be caught and put in jail.

Konarzewski was cleared over an accident several years ago in which his car hit and killed a girl who was believed to have been playing chicken. But he claims he felt he should have been punished for the girl's death, and created the poison threats in the hope of going to jail.

Konarzewski is charged with blackmail and other offences. He reserved his plea. Magistrate Duncan Reynolds continued his bail and ordered him to face the County Court in August.

The Australian

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