Sep 30, 2010

McCrometer Web Site Adds New Industry Centers Feature

Site redesign simplifies navigation to flowmeter information

Site redesign simplifies navigation to flowmeter informationMcCrometer announced that it recently redesigned its Web site, adding new navigation options that make application-specific flowmeter information easily accessible with direct links to its Industry Centers.

McCrometer’s new site design simplifies navigation through the addition of Industry Centers in the top menu bar. Located at the top left corner of the home page, these links make it easy for professionals from the municipal water and wastewater and agricultural irrigation industries to click directly through to flowmeter content that is tailored to meet their needs.

The McCrometer site also features easy-to-use customer service and support options, such as an automated flowmeter application evaluation search and fluid and application indexes. A separate search option provides local sales representative office listings and contacts.

To see the new features at McCrometer’s Web site, visit