Jun 02, 2009

Maplewood, N.J., Adopts GIS-Integrated Asset Management System

Township aims to streamline maintenance reporting, improve work quality and efficiency

VUEWorks Inc. has announced that the township of Maplewood, N.J., has selected its VUEWorks software for Web-enabled, GIS-integrated work order and asset management.Maplewood will use VUEWorks to centralize maintenance and work-order management for all infrastructure, including water, sewer, roads, parks and signage. Maser Consulting will provide implementation, training and Web hosting services.Richard Calbi, Maplewood’s town engineer, said: “The township’s goals are to gain control of our routine maintenance, better plan for the future and allocate budget for infrastructure improvement and the purchase of additional assets. Much of our maintenance history--what has been done, what should get priority --currently exists either in people’s heads or in multiple databases. VUEWorks provides a completely Web-based, easy-to-use mechanism for identifying and reminding us what work needs to be done; capturing the history and procedure knowledge of our staff in one, centralized system; and for quickly getting answers to maintenance questions. The township must furnish maintenance reports on a regular basis to local officials and the township committee. Prior to VUEWorks, our department heads had to sift through piles of paper to answer questions such as, ‘How many potholes were fixed this year?’ VUEWorks not only makes maintenance reporting a breeze, but will enable us to operate much more efficiently.”