Apr 02, 2008

Maintenance is Key

From municipal to industrial to agricultural applications, pumps play a critical role in the operation and management of water and wastewater treatment facilities. While pumps play a key role, just about any plant operator knows they can be a headache to maintain. Even minor clogs and blockages can quickly lead to a major problem.

The demand for pumps has resulted in various technology advances; however, even the best pumps will fail if they are not sized, installed and maintained properly.

Maintenance is the easiest and least expensive step operators can take to maximize the life of their pumps. This is why it is essential to establish a regular preventative maintenance program based on the manufacturer’s manual for service and procedures that best fits your system’s needs. Also, keep in mind that pump manufacturers are very competitive and offer various service and maintenance programs, such as onsite assistance and spare parts, to accommodate your day-to-day pump needs.

In response to the ever-increasing interest in pump installations and maintenance, the staff of Water & Wastes Digest is pleased to bring you its annual supplement publication, Pump Source. Now in its sixth year, Pump Source continues to offer a wide variety of articles with valuable insight into relative and detailed pump applications.

In an effort to provide you with the most comprehensive pump information and case studies available in the water and wastewater industry, WWD also offers two electronic products in addition to the supplement.

The Pumps Zone, featured on www.wwdmag.com, includes: Pump Spotlight, Articles from the Archives, Case Histories, Frequently Asked Questions and Ask the Experts sections.

WWD also launched the Pump Source Online newsletter. Every month, the newsletter reaches more than 22,000 subscribers with valuable topic-specific information, including: a feature article on current technology and its application, pump-related news, current product release information and links to a pump article from the www.wwdmag.com archives.

These combined resources, both in print and online, can become an integral part of your pump maintenance program and help you realize the greatest return on your pump investment.

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