Mar 11, 2014

Mag Meter Measures Pump Station Flow

The meter delivers accurate, repeatable flow measurement in a variety of applications

Mag Meter Measures Pump Station Flow
Mag Meter Measures Pump Station Flow

Accurate flow data in a treatment facility is key to understanding whether the system is operating efficiently. Monitoring flow in each pump station provides important reference points for general billing processes, water loss analysis and maintenance planning.

Featuring a low profile form and electromagnetic technology, McCrometer’s FPI Mag flowmeter is designed to deliver accurate, repeatable flow measurement in challenging applications. This mag meter is ideally suited to handle the difficult conditions commonly found in pump stations including tight space constraints, complex equipment configurations and variable flow profiles.

In a unique configuration, the coils and electrodes on the FPI Mag meter are assembled in a tube that inserts completely into the pipe to measure the full profile of the flow stream. Essentially just a full-bore mag meter turned inside out, the FPI Mag’s design gives it numerous advantages over traditional mag meters in a variety of applications. The FPI Mag delivers the benefits of simple, hot tap installation, accuracy rivaling a full-bore mag and it can be installed and removed in lines under pressure. The meter’s multi-electrode sensor design measures flow across the entire pipe for ± 0.5% accuracy. Available in forward and bidirectional configurations, the FPI Mag covers pipe sizes from 4 to 138 in.

Ideal for retrofits or new metering sites, the FPI Mag can be installed without costly service shutdown or need for extra manpower or equipment. The meter’s multi-electrode sensing makes accurate flow measurement possible without requiring long upstream and downstream pipe runs and compensates for the swirl, turbulence and low-flow problems frequently encountered in pump stations. The sensor's body is also hermetically sealed and protected by NSF certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating making this an ideal mag meter for drinking water.

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