Aug 02, 2013

Mag Meter Helps Control Non-Revenue Water

The meter is ideal for municipal retrofits & new installations

Faced with diminishing water supplies, increased consumer demand and higher production costs, it’s more critical than ever for municipalities to operate with maximum efficiency. Yet U.S. drinking water facilities today lose on average an estimated 20% or more of finished volume to non-revenue water. This is processed water that left the plant but remains unaccounted for in terms of delivery and billing. Tracing water loss is an increasing priority for utilities seeking to conserve resources.

Water managers are finding McCrometer’s FPI Mag to be a choice solution for accurately tracking flow through a distribution system. Featuring accuracy of up to 0.5% of reading, the unique design of the FPI Mag meter allows for easy installation in tight spaces without interrupting service or dewatering lines, making it ideal for municipal retrofits as well as new installations.

Davidson Water Inc., located in Lexington, N.C., estimated non-revenue water loss was 16.7% in 2012, equaling two million gal per day during summer months. The utility decided to conduct a comprehensive flow audit of the plant and distribution system. The project scope required highly accurate, versatile, easily installed and cost effective flowmeters. For ease of data management, plant managers also wanted one flowmeter technology that could be used in all locations. McCrometer’s FPI Mag flow meter was selected for meeting the strict criteria.

FPI Mag meters replaced Davidson’s existing Venturi flowmeters, affording a wider rangeability and more accurate baseline measurement of finished water leaving the plant. Additional FPI Mag meters were installed at key measurement points throughout the system. These sites spanned a wide range of pipe sizes, flow rates and a mixture of existing and new construction.

In total, 14 FPI Mag meters were installed with minimal time and investment. The improved system profiling has resulted in a decrease in non-revenue water loss from 16.7% to 13%, with further savings anticipated.

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