Oct 06, 2010

M2M Surpasses 10,000 Assets in Remote Monitoring Systems

Company aims to help clients do more with less

M2M Data Corp., a provider of remote asset and equipment management and monitoring solutions, announced that it has passed a milestone of servicing more than 10,000 assets across all of its business divisions, which include Aquavx (water and wastewater), M2M RMS (oil and gas), heavy equipment and power generation.
"In today's environment of smaller budgets and higher expectations, it's no surprise that more owners, operators and managers of field equipment and remote assets are turning to hosted monitoring solutions," said Jason Weinberger, M2M's vice president of strategy and business development. "Our clients own and operate a vast array of equipment in diverse markets. Whether they're monitoring a natural gas compressor or a wastewater lift station, they need to do more with less. We help them get there."
M2M currently is monitoring 10,348 unique assets and more than 1 million unique data points with its remote monitoring solutions. Remote monitoring helps those responsible for distributed assets, such as water tanks, pump stations, flowmeters and compression equipment, through Internet-hosted solutions that provide alarm notifications, conduct diagnostics and streamline maintenance and dispatch operations.
"Our customer base is growing due to one simple fact in today's marketplace: owners and operators recognize a need to streamline maintenance more than ever. When they do, they realize the impacts through more predictable operations, reduced downtime and an extended life of the assets," Weinberger said. "At its heart, our remote monitoring lets customers know when there's a problem and it lets them know right away--no matter what that asset may be."