Sep 26, 2007

Lewiston Water Lines Work to Cost $1.6 Million

Water lines, 100 years old and made of iron, will get replaced in a $1.6 million project using money from the State Power Authority relicensing settlement.

The Town Board unanimously agreed Monday night to approve the replacement of 10,000 linear feet of water lines in the Mountainview and Woodland drives and Forest Road area of the town.

Town Supervisor Fred Newlin said the water lines are the oldest in the town and were at the top of the list for replacement.

"This is one of the first projects that will be funded by Power Authority money. Using these funds is one way of deferring or alleviating money that would been passed on to the taxpayer," Newlin said.

The board also agreed that 10 to 14 homes in the area that are in the Village of Lewiston will be included in the town project.

Town Engineer Robert Lannon Jr. said the town will try to lay out all the new water lines before digging, in order to minimize the impact of the project, and will backfill trenches and repair areas as they go along.

"If we are able, we would like to start this year," Lannon said. "Our goal will be to complete 200 feet per day. It should take 10 to 12 weeks to install the main line, and then, once the lines have approval from the [state] Health Department, homes will be tied in, about four to five per day."

Homeowners should see a real difference in water pressure, he said.