Jan 14, 2010

Latitude Solutions, Inc.'s CleanTech Group Subsidiary Acquires F&T Technologies, Inc.

F&T owner to serve as Latitude CleanTech Group’s president and chief technology officer

Latitude Solutions, Inc., announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Latitude CleanTech Group, Inc., has acquired all of the assets, intellectual property and technology of F&T Technologies, Inc. F&T Technologies has been owned (and operated) by F. William Gilmore, whose patents form the basis of Latitude CleanTech Group's water treatment technology. Gilmore will serve as Latitude CleanTech Group's president and chief technology officer.

"I have worked closely with Mr. Gilmore over the past year and have seen the major market advantages that occur based upon Mr. Gilmore's knowledge gained over his 20 years of experience, including a number of projects conducted with Western Research Institute in Laramie, Wyo., using EC Technology,” said Warren V. Blasland, Latitude CleanTech Group's CEO. “Mr. Gilmore was involved with the testing of a wide variety of polluted industrial wastewaters. Mr. Gilmore filed the original patents on Latitude CleanTech Group's treatment technology and continues to develop and patent ongoing enhancements to our technology."

"The ability to deploy the technology and further refine it to solve the massive problems associated with the oil and gas recovery industry, particularly the oil sands tailings water and shale bed frac and product water and mining wastewaters in an era of increasing population and decreasing availability of clean water worldwide, marks the culmination of a lifetime of finding solutions to these problems,” Gilmore said. “I am very enthusiastic about Latitude CleanTech playing an important role in solving these growing worldwide problems."