Tyson faces campaign against supply chain
Oct 20 2017

According to THV 11, Mighty Earth, an environmental campaign organization, has started a campaign targeting Tyson Foods Inc. The organization...

Ohio water utility bolsters service & improves efficiency for customers
Oct 20 2017

The winds of change blow strongly through Central Square in Youngstown, Ohio, and with those changes come opportunity. As the city revitalizes its...

swan phosphate analyzer
Oct 19 2017

Corrosion in water distribution systems can impact consumers’ health, costs and the aesthetics of finished water. Older systems may include lead-...

Wastewater discharge affects Rowlett water
Oct 19 2017

The city of Rowlett, Texas, experienced an unauthorized wastewater ...

A review of blowers and their uses in wastewater treatment plants
Oct 18 2017

For several decades, lobe and multistage blowers were the tried-and-true blower technologies for wastewater treatment plants. Over the past 15...

Inspection-grade remotely operated vehicles safely inspect tanks and reduce risk
Oct 18 2017

Inspection-grade remotely operated vehicles safely inspect tanks and reduce risk for inspectors. 


Using machine learning to assess infrastructure replacement needs
Oct 18 2017

There is a $1 trillion challenge facing water utilities as they work to prioritize main replacements. Replacement decisions currently are based on...

The manufacturer’s response to Hurricane Harvey
Oct 18 2017

As Hurricane Harvey set its sights on Houston, municipal water and wastewater plants boarded up windows and prepared for heavy rainfall and strong...

Floodwaters quickly submerged the Crosby plant, including many higher elevations
Oct 18 2017

Floodwaters quickly submerged the Crosby plant, including many higher elevations. 


Oct 18 2017

An application of algae that consumes bacteria and other pathogens without the need for sunlight to cut operating costs in sludge digestion.

Oct 18 2017

Wide-range capability on one-piece, large diameter products with only four top-facing bolts with 4 degrees of dynamic deflection.

hurricane harvey
Oct 18 2017

A week before Labor Day,  the people of Houston were not thinking about cookouts, beach parties or a day of relaxation. Hurricane Harvey, a...

Modesto pays fine for wastewater spill
Oct 17 2017

The city of Modesto, Calif., agreed to pay a $165,000 fine...

WWEMA and W&WD team up to offer $1,000 scholarship to students.
Oct 16 2017

The deadline to submit applications for the Water & Wastes Digest/Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer’s Assn. closes Friday, Oct. 20. Each year...

Oct 15 2017

Wastewater treatment engineers who cannot find room for the recommended straight pipe run needed by electromagnetic flowmeters in sewage lift...

Puerto Rico needs clean drinking water
Oct 13 2017

Puerto Ricans have started using ...

Oct 12 2017

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided an update on the San Jacinto waste pits Superfund site.

Once EPA signs the Record...

AWWA calls for legislation
Oct 11 2017

With excess nutrients impacting water quality nationwide, the American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) urged U.S. Congress to use the upcoming Farm...