Las Vegas Valley Water District Will Install Leica Geosystems’ GPS Reference Station Network

Leica Geosystems announced that it has won an order from the Las Vegas Valley Water District to upgrade its GPS reference station network with new-generation Leica System 1200 reference stations and Spider network software.
Leica Geosystems will supply five GRX1200Pro GPS reference station receivers with AT504 choke-ring antennas. They will replace the existing reference station equipment currently being used. The Spider software will provide control and management functions for the network. The installations will take place over the upcoming months while giving the GPS community time to prepare for this implementation.
The new Leica reference stations will transmit real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections to surveyors through the District’s existing Pacific Crest radio modems and will also add the capability of using cellular telephone modems to dial into the network and retrieve RTK corrections. The cellular phone option will make it possible for users to work at greater distances from the reference stations and will reduce work stoppages in areas of poor FM radio reception.
“Our Leica Geosystems’ dealer in Las Vegas, H&S Survey & Laser, played a key role in winning this important contract,” said Steve Crowfoot, vice president of product marketing for Leica Geosystems. “Special thanks go to Alex Cherchian, who took the lead in showing the Water District how newer Base Station technology could benefit their infrastructure and the GPS community with the ease of use and functionality of Leica reference stations.”

Leica Geosystems

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