Jun 14, 2010

Kruger Wins BIO-DENIPHO Contract in Middletown, Pa.

Company Also Supplying Process Instrumentation and Controls

Kruger Inc., a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, received the purchase order to furnish the process equipment for a BIO-DENIPHO phased isolation oxidation ditch system with a three-stage Block & Hong anaerobic selector for the Middletown Borough Authority wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) project located in Middletown, Pa. The Middletown Borough Authority is constructing a new WWTP to treat an average daily flow of 2.2 million gal per day and meet new effluent requirements of 25 mg/L BOD, 30 mg/LTSS, 6.0 mg/L TN and 0.8 mg/L TP (with standby chemical trim).

Kruger will also be supplying process instrumentation and controls, which will include six PLC control panels and a plant-wide SCADA system. Kruger will be the system integrator for the plant.

The plant is expected to be operational in the spring of 2011.