Jun 04, 2010

Kruger Adds Flexibility to Slim2Fit MBR

Company now offers process with both hollow fiber and flat sheet membranes

Kruger, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, has developed and patented its NEOSEP MBR process called Slim2Fit. The Slim2Fit MBR design aims to provide enhanced biological nutrient removal within a smaller membrane tank while improving membrane air scouring efficiency. These specific benefits translate into lower capital and operating costs, the company said. Kruger now offers its Slim2Fit process with both hollow fiber and flat sheet membranes, depending on customer’s preference.

“Kruger is excited to have a reduced footprint MBR process coupled with either hollow fiber or flat sheet membranes in order to satisfy our customers' needs, process conditions and project sizes,” said President Mike Gutshall.

Kruger Inc. is a water and wastewater solutions provider specializing in advanced and differentiating technologies. The company aims to provide complete processes and systems ranging from biological nutrient removal to mobile surface water treatment.