Jul 09, 2008

Kinetico Introduces New Two-In-One Kitchen Faucets

The two new kitchen faucets have the ability to draw both filtered and unfiltered water from a single spigot

Kinetico, Inc. is launching two new kitchen faucets with the ability to draw both filtered and unfiltered water from a single spigot. These new options eliminate the need for smaller dedicated faucets that often come standard with sophisticated drinking water treatment systems and require additional installation work and space at your sink while adding to home improvement costs.

One option features an elegant gooseneck design and uses a single pathway to deliver both filtered and unfiltered water. The other, a sleek, contemporary dual-spout option, delivers filtered and unfiltered water from two separate pathways to protect filtered water purity. Each can easily switch from delivering filtered or unfiltered water with the simple turn of the handle—the one on the left controls the filtered water and the right controls the unfiltered tap water.

"We have a tradition of innovation and a reputation for marrying form with function," says Kinetico CEO Shamus Hurley. "Our combination faucet options exemplify both."

Functionality was a top priority when designing these new faucets. When matched with Kinetico's QuickFlo technology, they produce a strong flow of water. In fact, water flow can be up to two times greater than what other drinking water systems on the market offer, even after several minutes of running the tap.

The launch of this new kitchen faucet is especially appealing to homeowners with hard stone kitchen countertops. The need to drill through marble or granite to install a dedicated drinking water system tap has posed concerns for some homeowners. Hard stone is very susceptible to cracking, making this type of home improvement more challenging and potentially pricier. The new combination options eliminate the need for dedicated drinking water faucets and additional drilling.

"These new kitchen faucets are not only stylish and easy to use, they also save on installation time and home improvement costs," Hurley adds.

The new kitchen faucets are sold through Kinetico's nationwide independent dealer network.