iWWD – Liquid Natural Gas Plant Project


A liquid natural gas plant in the Philippines was looking to combat water scarcity to provide a sufficient amount of clean water for its plant operations and fire suppression system, as well as potable water for its workers. After exploring alternative water sources, the plant chose a seawater reverse osmosis system to provide the quality of water necessary for the desired applications.

The system sources water from deep wells, utilizing seawater reverse osmosis systems to treat the source water laden with high total dissolved solids. This process uses energy-saving nanocomposite membranes and DLP nanofiber prefiltration technology. To treat the water to potable standards, chemical feed systems were added for pH neutralization and remineralization. 

The team was challenged to find a suitably clean water source to reduce pretreatment cost. The team also had to maximize objectives for process sustainability with optimized capital and operational expenditure costs. 

Initially the system was designed to treat a flow of up to 2,656 gal per minute (gpm), but the design was modified to reduce initial capacity to approximately 20% of that—415 gpm. The modular design of the system gives it the capability to expand to the original desired flow rate when the plant’s production requirements call for additional water. This design change dropped the project’s cost from $6.6 million to $3.1 million. 

The ongoing project is scheduled for completion in 2017.

“We look forward to using this project as a model project to continue to serve this energy client in meeting their clean water needs throughout the Philippines with innovative solutions to combat water scarcity,” said Nick Nicholas, technical manager for Genesis Water Technologies.

Genesis Water Technologies’ local consortium
Genesis Water Technologies Inc.
$3.1 million
415 gpm