iWWD – Honda (HPPG) Wastewater

Tallapoosa, Ga.
Honda (HPPG) Corp.

The next time you put the pedal to the metal in a Honda Odyssey, Pilot or Ridgeline, you could be relying on a transmission manufactured at Honda Precision Parts of Georgia LLC (HPPG) in Tallapoosa, Ga.

HPPG recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of manufacturing transmissions at its facility and has produced more than 2.5 million transmissions in its 10 years of operation.

All that transmission manufacturing also gives rise to a lot of wastewater—12,000 gpd, to be specific, consisting primarily of light oils, diecasting fluids and water. Disposing of this wastewater was costing HPPG money, so the company sought a solution to reduce these disposal costs. Other goals for this wastewater reduction process included:

1. Providing an opportunity to recycle and/or reuse water recovered from the process;
2. Meet sewer discharge limits imposed by local authorities; and
3. Include additional capacity to allow for expansion, as needed.

HPPG contracted with Caloris Eng. LLC, to purchase a Caloris Concentrix 100 Compact MVR Evaporator. The evaporator can evaporate 28,000 gpd, depending on feed chemistry and cleaning frequency. The compact, energy-efficient unit arrives mostly preassembled, reducing installation time. MVR, or Mechanical Vapor Recompression, relies on turbofans to generate heating vapors by compressing the water vapors evaporated from the product.

HPPG aimed to reduce its daily wastewater volume by 90%, and to reuse the water recovered for other needs, including cooling tower makeup water. The evaporator was part of an overall system comprising pretreatment components for oil and water separation, suspended solids filtration, and pH adjustment. It was installed and commissioned in March 2016.

“Partnering with Caloris, we’ve been able to develop a state-of-the-art process that significantly improves our environmental footprint,” said HPPG Vice President Mike Jett. “This project yielded some amazing results. We wanted to improve our process and, once we started working with Caloris, we quickly realized the potential we had to reduce water and energy usage.” 

HPPG Facilities Manager Wayne Karcz was equally enthusiastic. “At HPPG, it’s a pretty big deal. There aren’t any plants using evaporation for wastewater recycling. It reduces water and energy use and helps us preserve the water source for everyone in the area,” he said.

“We knew we had an opportunity to help HPPG with their long-term plans. The success of the project has provided them with an opportunity to recover/reuse up to 3 million gal of water per year,” said Caloris Product Manager – Packaged Systems Tom Pyper.

Caloris Engineering LLC
Caloris Engineering LLC
$1.5 million
20 gpm