iWWD – California Olive Ranch – BJM Stainless Steel Pumps Installation

Artois, Calif.

California Olive Ranch prides itself on its olive oil harvesting and production innovations. Since 1998, the company has established ranches and fostered California farm land for olive orchard growth. It developed new ways to press olives for olive oil production, as well.

Pumps in the olive oil creation process have to handle extreme conditions. They have to overcome 70 ft of static head through three-inch pipes in high heat. The caustic fluid and pump height necessary for production wore old cast iron pumps out quickly.

“BJM is one of the few companies that can provide a stainless steel pump of this size for this kind of duty condition,” said Ben Wells, BJM regional manager. “Not many people make a pump that will handle 200º F water.”

The original cast iron pedestal pumps sat on a column extended into the water so as not to be damaged by the heat and chemicals of the process. That installation, however, was not conducive to extending pump life and BJM replaced them with a pump that could handle the conditions and load.

“They haven’t had any real issues since the pumps have been put in,” said Logan Jennings, California Olive Ranch plant operations manager.

Those pumps are just one step in a lengthy process that California Olive Ranch takes great effort to ensure is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. In growing olives, it mulches its fields with trees and reuses the water from its mills for other processes.

R. F. MacDonald
BJM Pumps
California Olive Ranch