Apr 01, 2011

ITT Launches Ideation Challenge to Help Solve Global Water Issues

Public can submit ideas on how to solve global problems

ITT Residential & Commercial Water, along with foundation partner ITT Watermark, has launched an Ideation Challenge on www.innocentive.com to help address water problems worldwide.

Supported by InnoCentive.com, the challenge encourages a collaborative approach to solving global water problems, including water scarcity and safe water accessibility. The focus of the challenge is to educate illiterate populations about the importance of purifying drinking water.

InnoCentive.com’s Global Solver Network, comprised of individuals with varied professional backgrounds and work experience, will help suggest solutions to this challenge. Everyone is encouraged to submit original solutions as well. The challenge winner will receive a grand prize of $5,000.

“The Ideation Challenge will harness the creative brain power of people all over the world to examine the global water challenge from a new angle,” said Anthonie Lombard, vice president and director of global engineering, RCW. “Watermark is more than a philanthropic program that aids those in need; it’s an opportunity for people to come together and make a true global impact on the well-being and future of society.”

Founded by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, InnoCentive is an independent organization serving many in the InnoCentive Global Solver Network. The “crowdsourcing” network harnesses the brainpower of individuals with varied professional backgrounds and work experience to help find solutions to challenges in disciplines such as business and entrepreneurship, chemistry, engineering/design, food/agriculture, math and others.

“I’m encouraged to see that this critical water issue will be given the power of a global community of problem solvers, all highly motivated to make a difference,” said Dwayne Spradlin, InnoCentive’s president and CEO. “The impact of this solution will be felt around the globe.”

“When we created this partnership with InnoCentive, we thought, lets try to see if brilliant people outside our industry can find ways to inspire and educate families and communities in critical areas around the world to understand the importance of drinking water,” said Bjorn von Euler, director corporate philanthropy with ITT.

ITT Watermark continues to provide safe water to children and families in need worldwide. Last year, the company announced a new goal: to improve the lives of one million people through Watermark by 2013.

The ITT Ideation Challenge is open to participants from any discipline or background, and runs until April 27. After a review of all submissions, the winning solution will be published and available in May 2011.