Itron Launches New Meter Reading Software Platform at Dayton Power & Light

Itron, Inc. announced at WEFTEC.05 that it has successfully installed a new generation of meter reading software for walk-by and drive-by meter reading operations at Dayton Power & Light, located in Dayton, Ohio.
Itron Field Collection System (FCS), built on web services architecture, provides utilities with unprecedented flexibility, scalability and functionality to run Itron handheld and mobile meter reading systems. FCS will be commercially available beginning in November 2005.
Itron FCS takes advantage of 20-plus years of company experience providing meter reading solutions and provides a platform capable of exceeding the route processing and billing window demands of today’s largest utilities. Meter readers can upload routes four times faster than many of the meter reading applications in use at utilities today, ensuring critical reads are delivered on time for bill processing. In addition, FCS improves route reading times and meter reader efficiency by reducing the time needed to extract load profile data from large commercial and industrial accounts. FCS also incorporates new field service functionality into the same device, which enables utilities to achieve further productivity gains by allowing meter readers to complete service work orders while reading monthly routes.
FCS enables DP&L to deliver both increased productivity in the field and in the meter reading offices while greatly simplifying IT requirements to support the system.
“Upon full deployment of Itron FCS, we will consolidate our stand-alone meter reading systems across our utility offices into one system, enabling us to run more efficiently,” said Maria Bubp, Operations Manager for DP&L. The utility uses both Itron handheld and vehicle-based computers to collect data from its 500,000 electricity meters.
“This advanced architecture, combined with FCS’s enhanced functionality, has enabled Dayton Power & Light to make a significant leap forward in our meter reading operations,” she added.
“As a leading software provider to the utility industry, Itron is committed to delivering best-of-breed software solutions that enable our customers to work smarter while minimizing IT integration and support requirements,” said Philip Mezey, senior vice president of software solutions at Itron. “The launch of the Itron FCS platform at Dayton Power & Light is a great example of this commitment at work and our thanks go out to the DP&L team for partnering with Itron on the development and highly successful launch of this new application.”

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