Intelligent Community Services Creates Innovative Wastewater Solution

Intelligent Community Services (ICS), a Beaverton, Ore.-based corporation specializing in niche utility solutions, commercial and residential system integration, and infrastructure design and implementation, is providing an innovative wastewater treatment for the new South Waterfront Medical Office Building of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).
ICS is designing, building and permitting a membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) within the 400,000-sq.-ft medical office building and laboratory. This is the first of two OHSU buildings to be served by the membrane bioreactor WWTP. The two medical office buildings will be connected to OHSU’s main campus, located on the hill to the west, by tram.
The WWTP will produce high-quality (DEQ Level IV) reuse water that will be used on site for irrigation, water closets and cooling-tower makeup water. Upon completion, this WWTP will be the first of its kind located in a commercial facility on the West Coast. By deploying an onsite WWTP, OHSU avoided connecting to the Portland Sewer System, paid a greatly reduced City of Portland System Development Charge, and dramatically reduced its potable water demand for the building.


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