Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. Announces Preliminary Storm Water Test Results

Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd., announced preliminary storm water test results in accordance with their efforts to develop effective applications for its electro-chemically activated solutions for storm water clean up.
IET, through its research and demonstration efforts within the company's EcaFlo Division, has been working closely with Coastal Carolina University (CCU).
According to Dr. Joseph Bennett, director of the Environmental Quality Laboratory with CCU, "Initial preliminary tests of applied EcaFlo solution, generated by a specific model of IET's EcaFlo device, to contaminated storm water have resulted in encouraging results in the solution's effectiveness. When a small volume of the solution was added to storm water contaminated with substantial concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria, all the bacteria were quickly killed."
IET's EcaFlo solution research and documentation will continue in identified demonstration applications within South Carolina's coastal region. IET is developing EcaFlo HydroSan devices for clean up of contaminated waters.


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