Integrated Environmental Technologies Enters National Water Treatment Arena

Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, IET, Inc., has entered into a two year supply agreement for its proprietary EcaFlo devices with Layne Christensen Co., one of the world's leading water services providers. Under the terms of the agreement, IET plans to deliver its first EcaFlo equipment in the first quarter of 2006. EcaFlo equipment is integrated into water systems in order to control bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms by using the process known as electro-chemical activation (ECA).
EcaFlo equipment produces two types of environmentally-responsible, cost effective ECA solutions: Anolyte, a broad-spectrum, non-hazardous, neutral pH, "natural" germicidal agent used to kill all types of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms; and Catholyte, an anti-oxidizing, "green," solution used as a degreaser or detergent.
Prior to entering into the Layne Christensen agreement, IET's primary market focus has been the petroleum services industry, which uses EcaFlo equipment to produce environmentally-responsible biocidal solutions that successfully manage bacteria down-hole and in "frac" water without the use of hazardous chemicals.
John Williams, who heads up Layne Christensen's Water Resource Division's membrane technology effort said, "Layne and IET together recognize the growing importance of cost-effective, environmentally responsible methods for controlling unwanted microorganisms in the water systems we design, build and maintain for our clients."
William Prince, president and CEO of Integrated Environmental Technologies, said, "Building a relationship with Layne Christensen, a leading provider of groundwater services including systems designs for potable water, wastewater treatment and industrial water processes, will allow us to provide customers with the next generation of safe, cost effective, environmentally-responsible water treatment solutions. We look forward to building upon our relationship with the Water Resources Division in Layne, as well as exploring applications with Layne's Mineral Exploration and Energy Services Divisions." Prince added, "IET is pleased to be a part of Layne Christensen Co.'s supply team."

Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd.

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