Mission Communications Releases 4G Radios

Upgraded service offers technological improvements

In February of this year, Mission Communications released the new fourth-generation (4G) AT&T HSPA+ radios for deployment. AT&T's second-generation (2G) radio networks will be phased out by 2016. Cellular carriers are currently adjusting cellular towers to accommodate the frequencies of the more efficient 4G networks. Upgrading to 4G radios will improve network layer protocol and error connection methods.

"Users will experience a higher rate of connectivity and enhanced performance because of the fourth-generation networks,” said Forrest Robinson, president of Mission Communications. “Mission users can be assured of increased reliability, making the return on their initial investment that much greater."

The 4G radio migration will be implemented gradually in the next several years. Mission offers a technology guarantee in writing that states users will not be left with obsolete technology. Mission customers will receive a 4G radio upgrade once a communication problem related to 2G cellular service is discovered by Mission technical support.

4G upgrades by cellular carriers are welcome additions that offer increased dependability and performance-driven service. This 4G standard allows more Mission customers to dynamically share and utilize network resources while supporting more simultaneous users.

Mission Communications

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