Aug 01, 2013

Mission Communications Introduces In-Sewer Level Alarm Device

Manhole Monitor provides timely information

Mission Communications has announced the release of its new in-sewer alarming and tracking device—the Manhole Monitor. This device provides immediate alarms to inform personnel of high level and surcharge conditions in manholes.

Undetected problems can be discovered and fixed with timely data and alarms delivered by real-time monitoring devices. These notifications allow personnel to assess critical situations and prevent spills from occurring.

The Manhole Monitor is the third and most significant update to the Mission in-sewer level alarm device. Its features include a rugged all-metal waterproof enclosure built to withstand harsh environments; efficient circuitry for low power consumption; a field-replaceable battery; a quick-connecting antenna and float terminations for fast installation; a push-button switch to navigate the LCD display for simple start-up; and a versatile mounting bracket with cable management.

"The Manhole Monitor is a major advance for us,” said Forrest Robinson, President of Mission Communications. “The device is purpose-built to be more efficient and user-friendly. We designed it from the operator's perspective and included the features that utilities need to avoid spills effectively. We are proud to announce its release."