Dec 28, 2000

Innova Pure Water Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Brita Products Company

CLEARWATER, Fla.-- Chairman John Nohren announced that Innova Pure Water,
Inc., filed a patent infringement suit against the Brita Products Company, a
Clorox subsidiary, in the Tampa Federal Court January 24, 2000. Innova is
seeking treble damages for what the company believes is willful infringement of
Innova's Patent Number 5,609,709. This suit is part of Innova's aggressive
and ongoing enforcement of its patents.
A similar patent infringement action by Innova against Aladdin Sales &
Marketing, Inc. and Filtex USA, Ltd., resulted in a consent decree, issued by
the Federal Court on August 10, 1999, which validated Innova's patent. The
defendants were required to permanently withdraw the infringing product from the
market and pay Innova monetary compensation.
Innova pioneered the development of personal portable water filtration
products as an option to bottled water, amassing 41 patents, many of which
consolidate its proprietary position in the emerging and rapidly growing
personal water bottle category. Rubbermaid(R) introduced Innova products
three years ago, popularizing the products. As a result of Innova's
proprietary position, it is anticipated that other companies will be
distributing Innova's products in the near future.
SOURCE: Innova Pure Water, Inc.