Ecosphere Chairman Talks Hydraulic Fracturing on Bloomberg Radio

Charles Vinick discusses chemical-free water treatment for hydraulic fracturing on "Taking Stock"

Ecosphere Technologies Inc. Chairman and CEO Charles Vinick appeared on Bloomberg Radio's "Taking Stock" on May 29th to discuss the company's chemical-free water treatment process for recycling water during hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations. To listen to the complete interview, visit:

"What we have been laser focused on for the last two years is treating produced and flowback waters in the hydraulic fracturing activities of oil and gas companies," Vinick told "Taking Stock" hosts Pimm Fox and Courtney Donohoe. "We use and have invented an advanced oxidation process to treat water on the front end of the frac and at the flow rate of the frac, eliminating liquid biocides and chemicals for bacteria growth and scale inhibition, and allowing 100% recycling of the flowback and produced waters."

When asked about the cost of Ecosphere's technology, Vinick explained, "We wouldn't have been on the second well if we weren't producing a cost-effective solution for E&P companies."


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