Dec 28, 2000

IMS Launches Dealer Program

The marketing program for the water treatment industry offers existing independent water treatment dealers a line of residential water softening and other point-of-use water treatment equipment for sale to the public under IMS's reputable "Pharmacist Recommended" Nutripure brand. In addition, the program provides complementary, industry-unique financing that extends credit to consumers for the purchase of water treatment equipment.

IMS formed alliances with independent dealer groups, finance companies and leading equipment component manufacturers and created a marketing program to sell and finance whole-house water treatment systems through existing dealers. The elite marketing strategy provides consumers and independent dealers a name and image they can trust.

IMS is launching the program in two phases. In Phase One, the Nutripure financing program, water treatment dealers may now offer credit to most prospective customers because the Nutripure program includes A through E financing at highly competitive interest rates. In addition, dealers can obtain real-time processing and approval information online for their customers.

The independent water dealer community eagerly anticipates the launch of Phase Two, the introduction of the Nutripure line of water softening systems. In December, dealers may begin selling the proprietary Nutripure equipment, which ensures excellent performance, customer satisfaction and no-hassle installation and aftermarket maintenance. Dealers can dramatically bolster their sales results by promoting the professional image and excellent reputation of the Nutripure brand name.

(Source: Innovative Medical Services)