Mar 24, 2011

HydroLogex Introduces EnviroCAAT Wastewater Treatment System

Modular system capable of treating influents and reducing nutrients

HydroLogex LLC, manufacturer of decentralized wastewater treatment systems, announced the introduction of its EnviroCAAT Primary Treatment Module. According to HydroLogex, this system can lower system capital costs, provide higher reduction of nutrients and treat high strength influents.

The EnviroCAAT Primary Treatment Module replaces traditional septic tanks in the decentralized system design, providing both storage and active treatment. The patent-pending system is a modified sequencing batch reactor (SBR) that operates in a single vessel with continuous inflow and intermittent discharge, rather than the fill-and-draw process of a conventional SBR.

When combined with the EnviroFilter Secondary Treatment PRMF, the EnviroCAAT is able to reduce the capital costs of these systems down into the $12 to $14 per gallon of design flow, while still delivering the performance and reliability of the textile media attached growth system. When nutrient removal is required, the system can reduce total nitrogen levels to less than 5 mg/L and phosphorous to less than 1 mg/L.

The EnviroCAAT also can be used as a stand-alone treatment system, delivering effluent BOD levels below 30 mg/L, with TSS in the 30 mg/L range and capital costs in the $8 to $10 per gallon of design flow range.