Mar 11, 2011

Hoffman Revolution Centrifugal Blowers Introduced to Water and Wastewater Market

New line offers improved efficiency and performance

The Hoffman Revolution is a line of high-speed centrifugal blowers, designed as the world’s most advanced energy management system. It is the first high-speed centrifugal in its class designed, built and tested in the Unites States. The Revolution was introduced Oct. 4, 2010, at WEFTEC in New Orleans. The first in a family of blowers, the R-200 and R-300 are capable of flows from 2,500 to 8,500 CFM and pressures from 3 to 15 psig.

Efficient and environmentally friendly, the Revolution initially is intended for applications in water and wastewater treatment markets.

The Revolution is a technology that offers performance and power savings for improved efficiency, reliability and control. It incorporates infinite life cycle active magnetic bearings driven by a permanent magnetic synchronous motor, which is controlled by a current source inverter-type variable frequency drive, and an integrated HMI touch screen optimizes control and simplifies operation. The Revolution is factory pre-wired and tested in an ergonomically designed sound enclosure for plug-and-play operation.

The Revolution features an advanced proprietary surge controller for optimized turndown, longer equipment life and virtually no downtime.

According to the company, customer benefits include:
&#149 Plug-and-play operation;
&#149 25% to 45% energy savings;
&#149 Increased reliability;
&#149 Minimal maintenance;
&#149 Low sound levels;
&#149 Small footprint;
&#149 Reduced construction and
installation costs;
&#149 Made in the U.S.;
&#149 Active magnetic bearing technology;
&#149 Patented surge control technology;
&#149 High efficiency permanent magnetic motor;
&#149 Self-contained cooling system;
&#149 Customer specified PLC option; and
&#149 Advanced HMI touch screen.

According to Hoffman, the Revolution is unique due to the combination of the dynamic surge algorithm and magnetic bearing’s active communication, which allows it to know the exact position of the rotor and actual surge point regardless of changing environmental conditions, and precise control surge and speed to leverage turndown to maximize power savings.