Mar 31, 2010

Highland Tank Highlights GreaseStopper With ‘SMART’ System

Product is automatic grease removal device designed to keep large amounts of fats, oils, grease and solids from entering city’s sanitary sewer system

GreaseStoppers from Highland Tank are automatic grease removal devices designed to keep large amounts of pipe-clogging fats, oils, grease and solids from entering a city's sanitary sewer system. These electrical/mechanical grease interceptors help large commercial and institutional kitchens found in hospitals, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, resort hotels and gambling casinos comply with sewer pretreatment regulations.

Maintenance is easy and eliminates unsanitary grease trap "hand-scooping,” the company said. Food scraps are effectively removed and dewatered by the Solids Management And Recovery Technology (SMART) system and are emptied into a haul-away container. The separated grease is automatically skimmed from the surface of the interceptor and stored in a stainless steel tank with automatic pump out system. The "orange" grease can be recycled for bio-diesel production. The self-cleaning features of the original "Lowe Engineering" design keep grease and food scraps from accumulating within the unit.