Dec 09, 2003

Monster Inhabits Canadian Resort

High-tech bio system treats 240,000 gpd from resort, surrounding area

How do you handle sewage from 400,000 seasonal visitors high in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, where temperatures fluctuate from freezing to really cold?

Sun Peaks Utilities manages its wastewater plant in this harsh environment with a little help from a Monster.

Sun Peaks, a popular ski resort, grew quickly in recent years. So, utility managers decided to convert their settling lagoons to a treatment plant utilizing an Auger Monster modular headworks system and an upflow sludge blanket filtration system. This high-tech biological system manufactured by JWC Environmental treats 260,000 gpd from the resort and surrounding residential complexes and results in high-quality effluent.

The wastewater plant begins with the Auger Monster system and includes a powerful grinder, which reduces solids to smaller pieces, breaks up large balls of rags and exposes surface area for efficient washing. The Auger brush then moves solids up and out of the channel, while spray jets push other material back into the flow.

This highly efficient screening system won WEF's prestigious Innovative Product Award in 2001.

The system accomplishes its dramatic results by utilizing proven Muffin Monster grinding technology combined with the screening, washing, dewatering and compacting capabilities of the Auger. The results are a dramatic increase in the resort's wastewater treatment efficiency, significant cost savings and reduction of odors. The system also protects downstream equipment from damage by removing solids.

"The grinder grinds up everything that comes through whether organic or inorganic," said Pat Miller, manager of Sun Peaks Utilities. "The Auger Monster screen takes all the plastic materials out of the stream."

Sun Peaks also asked that the Auger Monster be insulated against the cold Canadian winters, which corresponds to the resort's peak usage. An optional feature on the Auger Monster is an insulated cover for the conveyor portion ensuring continued operation no matter what the weather. Sun Peaks also selected the optional automatic bagging system. Screenings fall into a trash bag that is pulled from a continuous roll attached to the Auger's discharge

Unique challenges

While managing the Sun Peaks plant is similar to a small municipal treatment plant, it has some unique challenges. The biggest problem facing the Sun Peaks plant? Condoms.

"We seem to see a lot of condoms," said Miller. "But by far the weirdest thing the Auger Monster brought out was a pair of black undies."

Located 40 miles northeast of Vancouver, the Sun Peaks resort is the winner of numerous awards, including "Best Village Development" and "Best Mountain Trail Design in North America."

As the Sun Peaks Resort continues to prosper and grow, JWC Environmental's Auger Monster system will continue to provide the high flow capacity, grinding, screening, dewatering and compacting required by this world-class facility.

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