Jun 29, 2005

EAU Announces That Its Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is Available Online

Electric Aquagenics Unlimited, Inc. (EAU) announced that its new bottled water product, Perfect Empowered Drinking Water (TM) (Perfect water), is now available for purchase online by consumers worldwide. Consumers can order Perfect water by visiting
http://www.drinkperfectwater.com. Click on "Get Perfect" followed by "Online Orders."
"To create Perfect water, EAU combines the benefits of its electrolyzed, micro structured water technology with Aquagen(R), the world's premier stabilized liquid oxygen supplement, purified minerals, and electrolytes, to create the most stable, functional drinking water on the market," said Jim Thatcher, EAU's senior vice president.
Because of the healthy infusion of Aquagen(R) and Perfect water's unique process, EAU believes that Perfect Empowered Drinking Water(TM) has the ability to hydrate more thoroughly, increase energy and alertness, enhance the immune system, reduce acidity levels (pH 9.0), and oxygenate the body like no other water available.
This unique combination of features puts EAU in a position to negotiate with several major fitness chains and health clubs, as well as health, natural foods and grocery stores, all of which characteristically require added health benefits from the products they offer. Perfect water is already selling at Harmon's grocery stores, the largest, fully independent grocery chain in the Rocky Mountain Area.
EAU is currently negotiating with some of the nation's largest retailers to establish distribution to grocery stores throughout the U.S.