Headworks Bio Divests Marine Division

The company has sold its Cleansea advanced wastewater treatment technology to Evac Oy

Headworks Bio Evac Oy marine Cleansea

Headworks Intl. Inc., a global provider of wastewater treatment processes and equipment for municipal and industrial facilities, has sold its Cleansea advanced wastewater treatment technology for the Marine business to Evac Oy.

"Through this divestiture Headworks Bio continues its focus on land based applications and Evac on the marine sector,” said Michele LaNoue, CEO of Headworks Bio. “The fit with Evac with their excellent existing product lines is perfect and we will provide whatever support they require to make this a seamless transition for their customers in the marine sector."

This business transaction will allow Headworks to concentrate on its core municipal and industrial wastewater treatment markets. By signing the business sale and license agreements with Headworks, Evac gains a competitive edge worldwide in the marine advanced wastewater treatment business market.

"This move will strengthen our role in the growing market of wastewater treatment and will further enhance our total waste management solutions for our main customers" says Tomi Gardemeister, president and CEO of the Evac Group. "Acquisition of a competitive technology from a strong partner like Headworks Bio will give us the chance to accelerate our development. This agreement will deliver clear customer benefits by providing a proven alternative waste water treatment solution, Cleansea MBBR technology."

Headworks Bio

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