May 29, 2007

HaloSource Joins With Eureka Forbes to Provide Clean Drinking Water in India

HaloSource, Inc., an antimicrobial and clean technology solutions company that focuses on clean water and infection control products, has teamed up with Eureka Forbes, a direct sales consumer products company in Asia, to provide effective, affordable water purification to consumers in India. Safe drinking water is a significant issue in India that faces contamination during monsoon season, environmental contamination, inadequate water filtration, and municipal water systems that have difficulty keeping up.

Under the agreement, Eureka Forbes will offer water purification solutions featuring patented HaloPure technology licensed from HaloSource.

A new operating company, HaloSource Technologies Pvt. Ltd., was recently established to provide water purification products to the Indian market. Eric Robinson is managing director and Manoj Kumar Das is chief executive for India. Das is based in Bangalore and will serve as the main liaison to Eureka Forbes.

“HaloSource Technologies and Eureka Forbes are working together to ensure that everyone in India has access to safe, pure drinking water,” said Eric Robinson, managing director of HaloSource Technologies Pvt. Ltd. “HaloPure technology effectively and reliably kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses in water and we expect it to be a significant factor in improving the lives and health of people in India.”