Guam Selects MWH Soft Advanced Geospatial Water and Sewer Modeling Technology

MWH Soft, a global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, announced that Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA), Government of Guam, has selected MWH Soft H2OMAP Water and Sewer Suites and its Platinum Subscription program for completing its comprehensive water and wastewater master plans. The selection, which follows a competitive review, adds GWA to the growing list of utilities worldwide who use MWH Soft technology for comprehensive GIS-based infrastructure analysis, design, management and operation.
Guam is the largest Micronesian island, with an area of 212 sq mi. and a population of approximately 166,000. GWA is a public corporation of the Government of Guam and serves 39,000 water customers and 21,000 sewer customers. GWA will use H2OMAP to guide expansion and rehabilitation efforts to improve the operational efficiency and performance of its existing potable water distribution and sewer collection systems.
With direct support to geodatabases, the innovative network modeling technology of the MWH Soft Geospatial Software Suite addresses every facet of utility infrastructure management and protection, delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. It draws on the most advanced genetic algorithms optimization, hydraulic and water quality simulation and geospatial analysis technologies.
The Suite reads GIS datasets, corrects network topology problems and data flaws, extracts pertinent modeling information and automatically constructs credible network models. Once models have been established, users can easily run and simulate various conditions, pinpoint system deficiencies and determine the most cost-effective physical and operational improvements to achieve optimum performance and regulatory compliance while improving community relations.
"GWA is embarking on an important GIS modeling project to optimize business effectiveness and gain maximum value from their assets, and H2OMAP software will be supporting every critical capital improvement management decision," said J. Erick Heath, PE, vice president of sales and client relations for MWH Soft. "H2OMAP's ease of use and powerful capabilities will help GWA improve productivity, realize many efficiencies in a short time and pass these benefits on to their customers through better designs and higher quality standards."
"Top water and wastewater utilities worldwide have standardized the hydraulic model development of their water and sewer systems around MWH Soft software, and we are pleased to welcome GWA to this rapidly growing list," said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, president and COO of MWH Soft. "We work very closely with our customers to give them an infrastructure modeling and management platform that helps them realize their corporate goals and maximize savings. We will stay at the forefront in providing this important industry with a stream of innovative new tools to meet evolving demands and deliver the ultimate modeling experience. We are proud of the positive impact our software has on the lives of our customers and the environment."

MWH Soft

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