Mar 10, 2011

Grundfos to Start Wastewater and Water Supply Competence Center

Company will soon look for new employees for Copenhagen-based center

Grundfos is establishing a new global competence center within the areas of wastewater and water supply that will concentrate activities across the organization in order to conquer new market shares in a world market worth more than €10 million.

Grundfos soon will place full-page job advertisements in Danish and Swedish media to search for new employees for the venture. The competence center will be located near Copenhagen, Denmark, and from there it will support the group’s more than 50 sales companies. Initially, the initiative will target a number of Central European markets and later focus will be on large markets in Asia and America, Executive Vice President Søren Ø. Sørensen explained.

“This initiative takes the customer as its starting point and is intended to ensure strong integration across the organization and an even closer dialogue among the sales, development and manufacturing functions. Our ambition is, relatively quickly, to gain a prominent position within wastewater and water supply and to achieve a market share of at least 10%. We have the potential to grow even bigger and stronger within this area as compared with today,” Sørensen said.

Worldwide water utilities offers a large potential market worth more than €10 million, and the need for high-tech solutions is growing significantly with the increasing scarcity of clean drinking water.

“We already have the required technologies, but our focus on this area may have been insufficient. We are making up for that now. As a result we will offer our customers new know-how, technical assistance and project implementation to a much greater extent. We must improve in regards selling the whole package – pumps, pipes, advisory services, dimensioning and service,” Sørensen said.