Apr 23, 2007

Grundfos to Build New Wastewater Pump Factory in China

The Chinese need for efficient sewage solutions is increasing as many cities upgrade their infrastructure for the modern age. According to the Chinese government’s 11th 5-year plan (2006-2010) there will be a total investment in wastewater treatment of 30bn EUR. These facts indicate that over 100 new wastewater treatment plants will be built each year.

The Impeller Magazine reports that Grundfos will expand its existing facilities in Suzhou, China.

The expansion includes a new research and development team that will be dedicated to wastewater solutions, aiming to find more new ways to improve wastewater management.

Construction of the new facility has already begun. The plant will be operated by more than 100 employees and the factory’s full production capacity will be reached in 2008.

The new factory will manufacture Grundfos designs for the local market. The main focus will be placed on SuperVortex and channel-impeller pumps, initially on models with motors from 20 to 250 kW.

Grundfos’ will then expand the production of their products into Finland to expand the Eastern European markets.

The new facility in China will also have a new customer service unit.