Jun 13, 2005

Whatman Announces Polydisc for Ground Water Samples

Polydisc GW simplifies the preparation of aqueous solutions for the analysis of dissolved heavy metals

Whatman, Inc., announced the availability of Whatman Polydisc GW, a ready-to-use in line disc filter that can be used in the preparation of ground water samples for the analysis of dissolved heavy metals. Polydisc GW joins the Whatman portfolio of water monitoring products following the company’s recent acquisition of Schleicher & Schuell (S&S).

With its pre-rinsed, hydrophilic cellulose acetate membrane, the Polydisc GW filter has been specially developed for sample filtration in trace analysis. Housed in polypropylene material with a record of durability, Polydisc GW meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and NEN regulations for samples when analyzing dissolved or suspended metals in ground water.

“Whether you’re using it in the field or laboratory, Polydisc GW provides fast and efficient filtration of ground water samples,” said Helen Evans, business development director for Whatman. “This product – the latest in our portfolio of filtration devices – represents the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and time-saving technology and offers our customers a broader choice of solutions to meet their needs.”

Polydisc GW features a large filter surface area optimized to provide 20.4cm” of effective filter area to ensure rapid collection of samples. In addition, Polydisc GW features a pre-tested quartz-fiber pre-filter and membrane filter in a sandwich design, resulting in a high absorption capacity of dirt.