Jun 03, 2019

Wastewater Sewage Grinder

Wastewater Sewage Grinder

The Channel Monster Flex (CMF) is the newest addition to JWC Environmental’s wastewater sewage grinder family of products. CMF is a high flow grinder constructed with separate a Flex Grinder and a Solids Diverter screening drum brought together with a Flex Frame. This modular design allows for the flexibility to service the cutting element and screening drum element separately. The CMF achieves high flows while utilizing a perforated screen instead of horizontal screening bars.

The perforated construction of the screen and tight drum to cutter interface ensures all debris that passes through the unit is shredded. The CMF has the option to use a 10-hp drive motor on the grinder, resulting in high cutting force that shreds tough solids and rags into small pieces to protect downstream pumps, pipes and other wastewater processing equipment.  With flow capabilities from 3 to 40 mgd, the CMF is versatile for both in-channel installations or wall mounting within wet wells.

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