Oct 16, 2018

Shredder Pumps Employ Stainless Steel Cutting Elements

Hardened impeller & plate materials offer high wear resistance

Hardened impeller & plate materials offer high wear resistance

Solve tough solids-handling submersible pump challenges with BJM’s SKG Series pumps with patented Rad-Ax dual shredding technology. These pumps can easily shred items previously considered very difficult to pump in municipal and industrial wastewater applications. The hardened impeller and plate materials provide significant wear resistance for long service life. Hardened cast iron construction stands up to rough handling and pumping gritty water.

The SKG’s hardened 440C stainless steel cutting elements easily shred difficult solids, including flushable wipes, rags, diapers, metal cans, fibrous solids, plastics and food waste. These pumps are ideal for tough applications, including water treatment facilities, shopping malls, airports, prisons, aquatic parks, bus stations, hospitals, food processing plants, research centers, bottling plants, industrial parks and dairies.

A rotating cutter bar with serrated cutting edges traps and shreds solids against the sharp grooves of the radial cutting ring. Wipes and other fibrous debris are ripped apart with ease. Additionally, dual cutting elements operate in tandem to multiply shearing action. As the material exits the radial shredding area, the axial cutting components shear any remaining pieces by way of multiple cutting bars. This impeller design expedites flow and hydraulic performance, preventing clogs.

The pump’s construction features 440C hardened stainless steel on all shredding elements and a high-torque, four-pole motor to ensure difficult solids are handled efficiently. The impeller and suction cover are constructed of chrome iron for added durability, long life and trouble-free performance.

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Fahrenheit SKG pumps also are available to handle high-temperature and high-endurance applications. To learn more about the SKG Series pumps, click here.

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