Jun 28, 2012

Singaporean Company Builds First Central Effluent Treatment Plant in Bangladesh

Plant enables environmental compliance in manufacturing

Singaporean Company Builds First Central Effluent Treatment Plant in Bangladesh

Singaporean company Flagship Ecosystems Investment Private Ltd. (FESI), together with its local Bangladeshi partner, established the first Centralized Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in Bangladesh on a 30-year build-own-operate arrangement with BEPZA, the free trade zone authority in Bangladesh. It will receive effluent from all generating industries in Savar Dhaka Economic Processing Zone (DEPZ) at an approved service tariff rate and with guaranteed effluent volumes. The total investment of the project was SGD10 million.

The CETP started operations on February 1, 2012, treating an estimated 15,000 cu meters per day of effluent to serve the collective needs of the more than 44 companies in the Old Zone of Savar DEPZ. The CETP will expand its capacity to 43,000 cu meters per day within the next year to receive effluent from the 55 companies in the New Zone of Savar DEPZ. The effluent is treated to meet Bangladeshi Department of Environment regulations and discharged into the inland waterway. At present, BEPZA has no plan to recycle the water.

The CETP employs a newly developed bioelectric process to treat the effluent. It’s the first of its kind in Bangladesh and the first in the world to utilize a bioelectric treatment profile on a comingled industrial wastewater stream. The plant possesses the best and latest combinations of technology and equipment provided and manufactured by Flagship Ecosystems.

Flagship Ecosytems has installed and commissioned a fair number of its in-house developed Trident ECR Effluent Treatment Units in textile factories.

Announcing this in conjunction with the Singapore International Water Week 2012, the global platform for the sharing and cocreation of water solutions, Vernon Khoo, chairman of FESI, said, "Being eco-responsible is not the purview and strength exclusive to companies from developed nations. We make it possible for our customers in emerging nations to be partners of multinational corporations. For export-orientated textile manufacturers in Bangladesh, environmental compliance is a key factor in potential clients selecting them as partners. With our proprietary systems such as the Trident ECR series and Staged Contaminant Removal Solutions, they can be sure of meeting environmental compliance and their customers' expectations."

The Singapore International Water Week will take place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center from July 1 to 5. The theme is 'Water Solutions for Liveable and Sustainable Cities'.