Dec 11, 2019

Magnus Services

This article originally appeared in the Industrial Water & Wastes Digest December 2019 issue as "Magnus Services"


Magnus Services aimed to be more cognizant of its water supply at all of its hydraulic fracturing sites, while reducing the necessary personnel required to control water use and to also better track water for delivery truck scheduling. Previous scheduling of trucks was done manually, sometimes allowing water to run out.

By instituting a cloud-based solution, required personnel for this work was reduced to one. The previous manual system required three to five extra personnel just to maintain and monitor water supply, as water control valves needed to be opened up by hand. Operations and support staff can make fewer trips to remote locations, which saves time and allows staffers to focus on other tasks, ultimately reducing costs.

Water levels in each truck are monitored and automatically report to the cloud-based system without human intervention, as a result. All controls can be scheduled and monitored remotely from a range of different devices via a web browser to minimize workflow disruption. 



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