HDR to Train Employees in Sustainable Infrastructure Credential Program

Company will use Envision program to create sustainable projects

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) announced today that HDR Inc. has plans to credential more than 100 employees in ISI’s Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Credential Program in the next 12 months, and hundreds more in the next few years.

“HDR is focused on sustainability as a core philosophy, and we recognize and embrace the potential Envision has to transform the built environment, much as the LEED Green Building Rating System did for the building industry,” said HDR Senior Vice President and Director of Sustainability Micahaella Wittmann.

The Envision Credential Program is an ISI-sponsored initiative that provides employees of both private and public sector organizations with the training and skills to effectively use Envision to develop infrastructure projects that are then verified sustainable. As a web-based tool, it is available in the public domain to help both public and private sector organizations make more sustainable decisions with respect to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of important civil infrastructure.

HDR is a member of the ISI Charter Members Club and has submitted the first infrastructure project for Verification using the Envision tool. In addition, the firm has qualified as an ISI contractor for third party verification services, and participates enthusiastically on several ISI technical committees.

“Sustainable infrastructure is good for business and good for the public interest,” Wittmann added. “The Envision Rating System is applicable to a wide range of our clients and projects, and we are discussing registration with several other clients interested in the program.” As part of this commitment, HDR has developed a comprehensive in-house training program to educate HDR staff in the use of EnvisionTM and its application to HDR projects, as well as to prepare them to take the EnvisionTM credentialing examination.

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

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