Jun 21, 2012

'Green City, Clean Waters—Implementing the Nation's Most Comprehensive Green Storm Water Infrastructure Program' Webinar

Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 2 p.m. EDT.

Webinar Overview

Philadelphia's "Green City, Clean Waters" program is the first of five 2012 U.S. Water Prize Winners profiled in this webinar series. Sponsored and administered by the Clean Water America Alliance, the United States Water Prize Program is a celebration of sustainable solutions that advance holistic, watershed-based approaches to water quality and quantity challenges.

This program has been heralded as a unique and innovative approach to addressing Clean Water Act permit obligations while making strategic investments in community and economic development. The $2.4 Billion, 25-year program involves managing storm water from more than a third of the City's impervious surfaces, primarily through investments in green storm water infrastructure. Engineered greening at this scale provides an opportunity for many changes and enhancements to the city's existing built environment and has the potential to transform much of Philadelphia.

As the city agency held responsible for meeting Clean Water Act permit requirements, the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) must employ creative strategies to work with multiple city agencies and private customers to leverage opportunities to implement the program. To ensure the long-term success of "Green City, Clean Waters," multiple implementation mechanisms have been created or are in design, including strong development regulations, storm water billing and crediting, grants and low interest loans, and direct public investments in green storm water infrastructure.


Glen J. Abrams serves as manager for Strategic Policy and Coordination for the Philadelphia Water Department's (PWD) Office of Watersheds, where he leads efforts to link PWD's programs and policies with those of other city departments, state and federal agencies and nonprofit partners. In addition, his team is actively reviewing policies, codes and programmatic functions and making recommendations for changes to ensure the success of Philadelphia's combined sewer overflow long-term control plan, "Green City, Clean Waters."

Abrams has worked in the Office of Watersheds for over ten years and was instrumental in the early demonstration projects and partnerships that established many of the green storm water infrastructure initiatives that are now the cornerstone of the "Green City, Clean Waters" plan.

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