American Water Director Earns Abel Wolman Award of Excellence

Mark LeChevallier will receive the award in June

American Water announced that Mark LeChevallier, director of Innovation & Environmental Stewardship, has been selected by the American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) to receive the 2012 Abel Wolman Award of Excellence. This award is one of AWWA’s highest honors and is presented annually to recognize those whose careers in the water works industry exemplify vision, creativity, and excellent professional performance characteristic of Abel Wolman's long and productive career.

LeChevallier has demonstrated his leadership abilities throughout his 27-year career with American Water, during which he has held increasingly challenging positions. Since 1985, LeChevallier has worked for American Water and currently directs the research and environmental compliance programs, including the development of environmental management plans for more than 1,000 operating centers, environmental audits to ensure compliance, development of a national cross connection control program, and implementation of environmental stewardship and greenhouse gas control programs.

He also leads the company’s Innovation Development Process (IDP), which tests and develops new technologies and processes for use in the company and the water industry. The results of LeChevallier’s leadership and expertise are evidenced by American Water’s industry-leading compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards, achieving a score of greater than a 99.9% for drinking water, as well as by the innovations being brought to the industry by the company in the areas of water and wastewater treatment and energy-efficient water.  

“LeChevallier truly exemplifies vision, creativity and excellence in the water industry, making him very well-respected among his colleagues and a valuable resource to American Water and to our customers, who ultimately benefit from his expertise and leadership,” American Water CEO Jeff Sterba said. “He is a world-class researcher whose commitment, knowledge and passion have clearly benefited the entire water industry. American Water is very proud of LeChevallier, who is most deserving of this high honor.”

LeChevallier will receive the 2012 Abel Wolman Award of Excellence in June at AWWA's Annual Conference & Exposition in Dallas.

American Water Works Assn.

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