Dec 28, 2000

Global Water Technologies Subsidiary to Supply Environmentally Friendly Water Cooling Tower in Canada

GOLDEN, Colo. -- Global Water Technologies, Inc., a company
utilizing advanced technologies and engineered solutions to provide process
cooling water to industry and municipalities worldwide, announced that its water
cooling subsidiary, Psychrometric Systems, Inc. (PSI) has been awarded a
contract with Saskatchewan Power, a major utility in Western Canada.

Under this contract, PSI will supply a composite structured water cooling tower
for this utility, to provide 20,000 gallons per minute of cooling water for the
Shand Power Station. A composite structural tower was chosen primarily due to
its longevity and the fact that it does not contain toxic preservative
chemicals, such as chromates, which have been known to leech into ground water

"We are pleased to work with Saskatchewan Power in their effort to seek
reliable, non-contaminating cooling water for their facility," stated
George Kast, president and CEO. "Global Water Technologies employs
technologies that treat water without the utilization of toxic chemicals and we
see many new opportunities for our products and services as industry and
individuals realize the effects of chemicals leeching into our ground

SOURCE: Global Water Technologies, Inc.