Global Water Summit 2014

Mon, 2014-04-07 - Tue, 2014-04-08
Paris, France

The Global Water Summit remains the only event of its kind – an agenda defining conference that brings together the highest level delegates from around the world, while maintaining the open and intimate atmosphere of a boardroom meeting.

For 2014, the theme is growth, acknowledging water's key role in economic recovery and the opportunities for business development as we move towards 2050. We'll explore emerging markets and see what we can learn from India and China which have experienced phenomenal growth in recent years: and we'll take a special look at the oil and gas industry and the opportunities for energy and water reuse. In particular, we'll look at the future of our cities and how leadership and international cooperation can play a vital part in securing economic and social stability.

The Summit is a forum for new ideas and debate, a meeting of minds in which attitudes towards water, its stewardship, finance and distribution will be redefined. We gather together the world’s leaders - our Ministers, top executives and best practitioners - to determine water’s key role in the future of sustainable economic growth.

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