Global Water Subsidiary Addresses Energy, Water Conservation Mandate of Presidential Executive Order

Global Water Technologies, Inc. (GWT) announced that its subsidiary, Applied Water Technologies, Inc. (AWT), participated in ENERGY 2002, a Federal Government sponsored education forum that provides an opportunity for Federal Government and Military Energy Managers to learn about new technologies and services in the area of energy management and water conservation.

Under Presidential Executive Order #13123, all Federal agencies and the U.S Post Office are mandated to reduce energy consumption 35 percent by 2010.

AWT's AquaPhysics(TM) program is a non-chemical cooling water treatment service that incorporates proprietary technologies to assist government, military, and commercial enterprises achieve their energy efficiency mandates through improved chiller performance. Implementation of the AquaPhysics program can result in higher cycles of concentration thereby reducing water consumption and discharge. Environmental benefits are also realized through the elimination of chemicals in the cooling tower discharge.

Commenting on the ENERGY 2002 forum, George Kast, chairman and CEO, stated, "Our AquaPhysics program was well received by the attendees. In addition to the energy and water conservation benefits, the AquaPhysics program allows government and military sites to replace chemical treatment of their cooling towers, thereby eliminating exposure, liability, and discharge concerns associated with traditional chemical treatment. We currently have several AquaPhysics proposals under consideration."

GWT is a full-service cooling water treatment company utilizing advanced technologies and engineered solutions to provide process cooling water to power plants, process industries, HVAC systems and municipalities worldwide.

Global Water Technologies, Inc.

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